Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Gold Coast


Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

Give new life to your blinds with Ultrasonic blind cleaning, thanks to Verticare's custom-made ultrasonic cleaning tank.

This revolutionary method of cleaning your blinds through the use of sound waves is fast, efficient, and very safe.  Ultrasonic blind cleaning gently removes grim, dirt, potentially dangerous mould, stains, dust and allergens by creating millions of tiny bubbles which implode on the surface of the blinds, effectively removing any dirt and grime without damaging the panels.

Talk to Verticare Blinds about making your blinds as clean as when you first bought them with Ultrasonic cleaning technology.  We will carefully take down all your window blinds and take them to be cleaned in our custom-made ultrasonic machines. Once done we will re-hang them for you. Leave all the work of cleaning your blinds up to us. With Ultrasonic blind cleaning, Verticare Blinds can clean virtually any type of window blind on the market today.

If your blinds have visible damage, Verticare Blinds can repair them for you.

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